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Couples Therapy

To save your relationship, you gotta do what’s necessary. Even if it means you’ll never look at a dick the same way, ever again!


On your knees, staring up at him, no control…you’ve been Sissified, and things will never be the same.

Call Me Back

Were you naughty again? You better call in the big guns to correct your Sissy mistakes!

Willing Participant – Phase 4

Round 2! Can your Sissy pussy take another pounding in the name of Science! Let’s find out, shall we!

Willing Participant – Phase 3

It’s just a harmless experiment, No need to worry! No long term side effects…unless you consider a long term craving for cock a side effect!

The Fill in

You thought you were doing your sister a favour. Now you owe her one!

Insatiable: A TS Sissy Caption story

So you experimented, but now you want more! Where is the point of no return? Haha, you passed it a long time ago!


You got busted doing something naughty. Now the whole world knows! How “remorseful” are you? How “remorseful” can you get?

The Breadwinner

Your family’s broke and your the man of the house. Sorry…”Sissy” of the house! Time to provide for your family!

The Good Girl

You already know what you are, why fight it? Embrace that girly side of yours! Here’s something long and hard that might help you!

Getting Revenge.

What’s the best way to get back at your ex-girlfriend? Take more cock than she does – Prove who the better slut is!!

Schoolgirl Sissies – Episode 6

Admit it you…you cheated! You’re gonna have to be punished! Now comes the fun part, right Sissy?!

Rock Bottom

Time to get the help you sorely need, Sissy! Listen close, take some advice, play with that cock and save your sanity!

Number One Fans!

Real fans are devoted fans! How will you show how obedient and loyal you are?

Cum Quick!

Uh oh…Don’t let Daddy know how big of a Sissy you are! Quick, take some cock before he finds out!

The School for Wayward Sissies and Sluts

(Temporarily unavailable – if you have a copy downloaded, let us know here!)

Good Sissies aren’t born that way…they’re made! Cum In and let the Mistress make you the best Sissy you can be!

Double Down.

You certainly are no video game expert. You certainly are a fantabulous cock sucker though! Let’s make a deal and put your talent to use!

The Short Straw

Home alone. Stuck inside. The boys need some pussy. How about your pussy?

Business Model

If you want a successful business, sacrifices must be made.


Say goodbye to your dicklet, Sissy! Your going on an adventure that will change the lives of sissies everywhere-hope you packed some panties!

The Actor’s Studio: A Sissy TS Caption story

You have to give your all as an actor! No one is more passionate than you, right Sissy!

Know your Role!

Why try and be something you’re not? Your not a’re a sissy! Now do your job!

Cabin Fever

How long can a Sissy go without cock?

Memory Lane

Some sissies handle quarantining better than others! Some sissies realize just how BIG of a Sissy they truly are!

Gangster, Gangster!

It’s time to prove yourself to the crew…I hope you’ve been practising, Sissy!

It’s Mine Now.

Finders keeepers, right Sissy?? Now what are you gonna do with your new toy?

Rent Control

Rent is due: How else do You sissies plan to pay your rent?

The Bet.

I bet you’re the biggest, sluttiest sissy out there! Now go prove me right!

Curse of the Sissy Part II

Can you fight the urges long enough? Or do you need dick that bad?

Curse of the Sissy

Is it a curse? Or is it what you really want?

Work Related Stress

The office policy clearly states: All Sissies are required to take everything deep and hard!

Curiosity Kills.

You just have to know don’t you? What is it really like?What does that dick taste like? Be careful what you ask for…

First ones Free

“A sissy’s first time will be a moment they’ll never forget…!”

Human Resources

What can Human Resources do for you? Make you the Sissy you always wanted to be!

Bully Defense

I think it’s time you learned how to defend yourself!

The Sissy Sitter

You can’t be trusted all by yourself, so we have just the thing to keep you obedient and pacified!

Actions & Consequences

When your decisions come back to haunt you, the consequences can really fuck you up…literally!

Level Up

The games take on a whole new level, when you give in to your Sissy side!

Happy Accidents – Part 1

Accidents happen, but accidents that happen to sissies are no accident at all…

A Star is Born Pt. 2 – Behind the Scenes

Every celebrity pays their dues…Sissies are no Exception!


You’ve hit rock bottom. Or maybe you have only scratched the surface. Why don’t you suck a little more and find out!

Riding Shotgun

Let’s go for a ride…maybe you’ll learn something about yourself!

A Star is Born

The cameras are rolling sissy…Time to make yourself famous!

Stranger Danger.

Your pride got you into this mess, now only your Ass and mouth can get you out of it!

Black Market Titties!

You can’t go to work like that! Go get some dick, and get yourself cleaned up!

Not in My House! (Taboo)

What are you gonna do, now that your Step Daddy knows? I’m sure he’ll find a way for you to make it right.

The Antidote

Stuck as a woman, no way to change back…could a glory hole be the Antidote you’ve been craving…?

Keeping Secrets

You should know by now, someone is always watching! What will you do so they don’t give away your deepest secrets?

Guilty Conscience Pt. 3

Are you still asking questions sissy? Just grab the dick and do what comes naturally!

Not Even Once.

What are you doing? Don’t do it! Don’t put that in your mouth sissy! You’ve been warned!

Spa Day

Take a break and calm your nerves…the only way a good sissy knows how…

Sissy Squad: Field Testing

When it’s all on the line, what will Good Sissies do to make the Squad?

Lazy Sunday

Just another laid back day as a cock-loving Sissy!

Jokes on you

You can’t trick s trickster, now settle down and prepare to lose your anal virginity!

A Helping Hand

Times running out and you can’t get caught being yourself! Surely someone can help a desperate sissy?!

Beta Blackmail

Getting busted cums with consequences. Now it’s time to pay the price!

House Rules

Good sissies do what they’re told!

The Fraternity

You’ll do anything to join the frat, won’t you, sissy!?!

Schoolgirl Sissies – Ep. 5

New Ownership

Who will take care of you when your Alpha is gone, Sissy?!?

Sissy Squad

We want you!…To join the Sissy Squad!

Desperate Measures

When you’re between a cock and a hard place, trust your Sissy instincts!

Private Lesson

What’s the worst that could happen? Having to decide which hole the cock goes in first!

Eager Mates: The Remix

A Remix for the Sissies That can’t get enough!

Sissy Psychosis

The body wants what the body wants, but the Sissy mind may need some convincing!

The Cleaner

Sometimes all it takes is some hard work (and a dick) for a sissy to find their role in this world!

Eager Mates

2 Sissies are better than 1!

Back in the Future

Saving the future isn’t easy, but some sissy’s are willing to do ANYTHING to make it happen!

Money Maker

When you need some quick cash, do what you’re best at!

Random Side Effects

This little Sissy should have said “NO” to drugs!